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Docker volumes blind mount or not, git, best of both worlds

Been mulling this over in my head, specifically in relation to git. The advantage of blind mounts is it is easy to manage code in git. The advantage of docker volumes is they are more cross-platform (OS agnostic) and easier to manage backup (apparently, don’t quite know why never had a problem managing and backing up Linux filesystems). However, I was sold ob cross-platform;).

‘docker inspect volume’ means I can get the path for the volume but can I/should write straight to it? If so creating a symbolic link from the volumes directory and put that under git sounds like a plan. That would give the best of both worlds.

What would actually be very cool is if you could mount the volume inside your git repository as a Linux style mount (i.e. it comes up if you do fd). That would give it the advantages of a blind mount and a volume.

Maybe I have missed something, open to suggestions.