Docker Volumes persistence use-case

Hi, I am building a MySQL Docker Image and want to include some seed databases within the image. This is for our development workflow. The developers should be able to run the MySQL Docker Image (with the seed DBs) but also be able to add their own data (while the container is running on their machine, no need to push the data back to upstream). Also, the data should be persistent on the developer’s machine so when a container is deleted, the extra added data should persist. The Dockerfile is like below

FROM mysql:5.6
volume /var/lib/mysql

I build the container and then developers run it on their machines as:

docker run -d --name -v /some-path:/var/lib/mysql

The idea is that ‘volume /var/lib/mysql’ is exposed as local-host volume /some-path to give persistence.

Wanted to know if this is the right approach.