Docker vs Docker-compose with Jenkins

Hi All,

I’m slightly unsure whether the topic is more suitable here or on Docker forums - anyway I decided to post it here.

have a pipeline whereby I have a job to build my Docker images using
the Docker cloud plugin ( building 2-3 images at a time, application,
db, proxy)
In a separate job I used to run docker-compose which would
start my containers and a separate container to run the test. In this
setup I had my Jenkins master and Docker engine co-located on 1 server.

version: ‘2’
image: abc
hostname: abc
- abc-mongo
image: abc-mongo
hostname: abc-mongo
image: maven:3.3.9-jdk-8
hostname: tester
- abc
command: mvn -q -f /cucumber/pom.xml clean integration-test
- /${PWD}/cucumber:/cucumber

Following some consideration
I’ve decided to move Docker to a different machine and now I’ve got this
problem where mount the cucumber folder is impossible as the machine is
not the same.

Any suggestion on this in terms of best practices and solution? Thanks