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Docker Windows Containers are being autogenerated - how to stop this?

Trying to figure out why containers keep being created in docker, that are blocking my image from being started. I can’t keep up with deleting them because more containers reappear constantly. Even using a script to kill them all; it takes forever and more containers just reappear. I searched everywhere for generating containers, automatically generating containers, etc… no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

what does “docker stack ls” and “docker service ls” provide?
Its probably not the issue because of the naming, but just wanted to be sure

How are you building and running your containers? What commands are you using? Using the --rm tag with the docker run command will automatically clear the generated containers when you stop a container, example;

docker run --rm --name x -d x:latest

@beachatlast does the name alert-manager even ring any bells?

While true, I think the question is about containers that are somehow created automatically?

Just uninstalled docker, reinstalled, changed the port and image name inside the package and now I no longer have the problem. Yeah they kept generating and eventually maxed out my CPU. All is well now. My use case is an app that sends a daily email from “doing” lanes and a reminder of current priorities.