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Docker with ubuntu-desktop


(Bear234) #1

I’m trying to test the ubuntu16.04 performance based on Intel and on ARM64 while some specific process is running, I need to do a comparaison between Intel and ARM64.

Also, I need to make the CPU usage configurable to get the some meaningful data about performance. For example, I need to force the specific process to use only two CPUs.

My first idea is that I should use docker because docker can make a clean container, which means that it has nothing but the specific process, and also docker can easily limit the CPU usage and other memories usage.

However, a desktop is necessary because the specific process has a GUI.

I’m not sure whether docker can build an image with ubuntu-desktop or not. I know that I can get a terminal to a container but desktop? If it’s possible, does it mean that I can build many containers and can see many ubuntu-desktops? How can I get this? For example, can I make three containers run and use three vnc viewers to get three different desktops?

(Packelend) #2

Have found a solution yet for the GUI problem.
I would like to run some apps with GUI in a Linux desktop container

(Packelend) #3

Have you tried x11docker as mentioned in Does it possible to run GUI base desktop application on Dockers