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Docker won't install on OMV5

I have OMV5 installed on RPI Buster and I uploaded OMV-Extras. Once the upload was completed, I attempted to install Docker and I get the following error:

Docker storage :: /var/lib/docker
Agent port:: 8000
Web port:: 9000
Opt-out :: 1
arch :: armhf
option :: docker
state :: install
extras :: 5.3.4
DNS error. Exiting …

Does anybody have an idea as to how I can fix this problem? I am at a loss being new to OMV and Docker.


The last hour I did a brand new installation of OMV v5 (over Debian 10). With latest OMV5-extras I’ve installed docker and tried to install Portainer, but I didn’t have access to the web interface. Even OMV showed me that Portainer was successful installed.
Than I’ve tried cockpit and this worked perfect. I could open the Webinterface of cockpit.
So the best way right now to use Portainer is to install it by hand (via command line)

Edit: sorry, but even installing Portainer by hand didn’t work. I don’t know what’s going on here

OMV-Server-HW: MoBo Fujitsu D3417-B2 (Intel-LAN), Intel Xeon E3-1245 v6 Kaby Lake (4x3.70GHz), 16GB-Ram ECC UDIMM, 1x512GB SSD Samsung 850 Pro (sda2 - 30GB system, 4GB swap, sda5/rest - for work), 1x 10TB WD Red Pro, 1x 3TB WD Red (both basic setup) - Digibit R1 Sat-IP-Server with SatIP-Axe-Firmware

OMV-Server-SW: Debian Buster with Proxmox kernel (always up-to-date), OMV v5 (always latest), omv-extras-plugin (always latests), AutoShutdown-Plugin, Docker with PlexMediaServer, TVHeadend, any many more

BackupServer: Synology DS1010+ with 4GB Ram, 9TB@SHR (different hdd’s), DSM 5.2-5967-2

Yesterday, for the fifth time, I reformatted my SD card and installed Buster on my raspberry PI 4B with 4GB of memory. I did not use the latest version of Buster, because the RPi Foundation changed the download procedure which is terrible, so I downloaded a prior release and the did an update, which went without a hitch. I then went through the installation of OMV5 which installed perfectly, I believe. After doing the setup I again uploaded the OMV-Extras, through the plug-in section, which worked as usual and it was up and running. I then selected Docker and selected install. Still the same issue. This was a fresh install of everything. I continue getting the same response I received in my original post above. I don’t know what changed, but since the RPi foundation’s latest changes I can’t install Docker.