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DockerCloud + DigitalOcean - Cannot deploy new nodes


(Thomashermine) #1


We can’t deploy new nodes on DigitalOcean trough Docker Cloud anymore. All nodes are terminated and the action fails.

We’ve been using DockerCloud for about a year without any issue.
We tried in multiple datacenter and multiple machine sizes.
We tried to disable and then re-enable auth with DigitalOcean

Here is the error we have :

    Waiting for docker port to be open...
    Docker port is open!
    Waiting for docker server to be up...
    048342dd-nextmoov: Docker server is up and running!
    Setting up the network...
    Finished node deployment successfully
    ERROR: Node Cluster Deploy action on '***STACK**' 
    in region 'Digital Ocean/Amsterdam 3' has failed

What can we do? Are you aware of any issue with DigitalOcean?