Dockerfile CMD issue to start java -jar

I am trying to build a image for one Springboot java application using gradle 8.0.2 and java 19jdk imag
e …build is getting successful and I am able to create a image but when I login to container java jar is not running …If I manually trigger java jar application is getting started but its not getting started from the Dockerfile I am using CMD [“java”, “-jar”, “myapp.jar”]

its not getting started when I deploy on Kubernetes using the created image my pod is going in crash loopback as service is not started and getting an error in pod saying Unable to access myapp.jar

I have used ENTRYPOINT as well the container starts application when I use docker run to create a container but that also didn’t work giving same error in Kubernetes POD

I am using user root and have given executable permission to myapp.jar …The jar is available in container

Below is my Dockerfile for reference.

FROM gradle:8.0.2-jdk19 AS build

WORKDIR /home/gradle/src

COPY build.gradle settings.gradle gradlew ./

COPY gradle ./gradle

COPY src ./src

RUN ./gradlew build -x test

FROM openjdk:19-alpine


COPY --from=build /home/gradle/src/build/libs/*.jar app.jar


CMD [“java”, “-jar”, “./app.jar”]

Can someone please suggest