Dockerfile & forever

i try build dockerfile and when i run the container its exit from container.
the file looks like that

FROM d683af304005


ENTRYPOINT [“forever”, “start”, “/var/www/vhost//service.js”, “–port=”$PORT"" ]


could you be a bit more specific? Which Dockerfile are you trying to build? Could you probably provide an environment that makes your observations reproduceable?

i’m trying bulid image thet run the service of node js, but after command run is exit from contaner.

it is passebale runing images through CA?

Do you know what caused the error? Try this on the host that the container failed to run on:

docker ps -a

Use the container id retrieved from the command in the following run:

docker logs <container-id>
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Maybe because I use in ENTRYPOINT so is exit :thinking:

ENTRYPOINT should not exist…best would be if you provide your Dockerfile. Otherwise it is difficult to guess what could be wrong.

I provide my Dockerfile.

but I do not have your d683af304005 image, so I cannot reproduce it.
there probably also is the error in…required files missing for example

Probably because of the forever