Docker's embedded DNS ignoring upstream set in daemon.json

I have a local DNS server with a couple of custom DNS entries.

Docker’s internal DNS server seems to bypass said local DNS server and tries to lookup with an unknown dns server and I can’t even check which upstream dns server it is even using.

I have checked resolv.conf and it has said dns server in there and even tried editing daemon.json to

        "dns": ["", ""]

but it still doesn’t use the first DNS server I provided

I’m checking it by running docker run --rm --network="web" busybox nslookup domain.tld “web” being the network that my docker-compose stack is using, and “domain.tld” being a placeholder for the actual domain I’m using.

Here’s the output (I have changed the values in the actual output becuase globally said domain actually points to my IP address):


Non-authoritative answer:
Name:	domain.tld

*** Can't find domain.tld: No answer