Does all the image under particular Tag get updated often?

Hi All,

Recently, we have noticed that there are some digest values available under each tags.
Does it really mean that new updated would pushed to upstream using same tag.

Taken Ubuntu docker image as an example here. For the TAG 22.04 few digest values are visible in docker hub.

Could someone explain what exactly it means.

Thanks in advance

What you marked are the digests per architecture. Sine each architecture will require different binaries to archive the same functionality within the image, it makes sense that they don’t share the same digest.

Tags can be mutable. Whenever a new image for an architecture with an existing tag is pushed, the tag will point to the new image for that architecture, the old image gets untagged (but still exists and is accessible by its digest)

N.B. An exact image version is identified by it’s digest, not by it’s tag. Though, you can get the current image version by the tag. Kind of like a dns entry will provide a stable name, which resolves to a specific ip today, but might resolve to a different ip after beeing updated.

@meyay Now I got it. Thanks for your clarification. :grinning: