Does Docker support HTTP Digest - based proxy authentication?

Our corporate proxy uses HTTP Digest authentication, but it seems that Docker is sending only Basic Auth to the proxy if I set the HTTPS_PROXY environment variable. Is there any way to configure the Docker daemon to use HTTP Digest instead?


Only Basic Authentication is supported.

"the Docker CLI/API’s only support HTTP basic authentication, which really limits the flexibility we have on the security front since any host that we would utilize containers on would need access to the registry."

This link isn’t talking about proxy server authentication, it is talking about docker registry authentication.

@dwake - I would recommend opening up a github issue requesting digest auth support be added. My cursory search didn’t turn up any open (or closed) issues that seem to capture your question:✓&q=proxy+digest

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Thanks Jeff.

If Docker is used with CoreOS the authentication could be set to TLS, but not Digest.
Enable the remote API with TLS authentication

This is yet another topic-- the docker daemon itself supports either no authentication, or TLS. This is true whether you use coreos or not.

Going forward, docker will add authz support, but that is still being coded the last time I looked into it.

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