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Does not resolve address of linked container to right ip

Hey guys,

I have a strange behavior inside docker (using docker 1.12.5/14777 for OS X) :

/ # vault server -config /config/vault.hcl -log-level=debug
Error detecting redirect address: Get http://consul:8500/v1/agent/self: dial tcp i/o timeout

However when I try it manually I can access the url as it resolves to the right ip :

/ # wget http://consul:8500/v1/agent/self
Connecting to consul:8500 (
self 100% |*********************************************************************************************************************************| 4235 0:00:00 ETA

/ # grep consul /etc/hosts consul 34c38fa694c0

Any idea why it resolves consul to instead of ? It seems to depend on the docker version or the docker configuration cause I don’t have the same issue on a public docker noting

Thank you