Does the automated builder let you pass extra arguments? I need to pass --add-host

it lets you pass custom environment variables, but not build arguments it would seem.

According docker build | Docker Documentation, --add-host is available.

Did you try docker build --add-host {host}:{ip} .... (of course with real value for {host} and {ip})?

My bad for not being clear - you’re right you can do that with docker build, but I’m talking about automated builds on dockerhub where docker (the company) is running docker build in the cloud.

Doesn’t the automated build still rely on specific files within the hooks folder inside your git project?

  • hooks/pre_build (I used it to gather values from the checked out files to extract variables to be used as build-args)
  • hooks/build (parameterization of the build itself)
  • hooks/post_push (I used it to add further tags to the image)

Did you try to add the argument to the docker build command in the build hook?

My knowledge about automated builds might be outdated, though.