Editing Textmate or other sw the Docker image project?

Hi. I’m completely new to Docker. I understand that via Docker I get an isolated image of my physical project. Suppose I have a project in my desktop, folder “test”, where I have a Dockerfile with the instructions, json packages and my index.js file I have, at first, only a console.log to say Hello.

Once I load the image ( docker build and the run ), if I modify the index.js file I have physically on my desktop, let’s say to say Hello You. Since I’m not modifying the image then the updated version will not appear unless I re run ( docker build and the run ). Not ideal.

How can I make my Textmate to open and work on the image project?

My Dockerfile is like:

FROM node:8.9.0-alpine

RUN mkdir /test

RUN apk update && apk upgrade && apk add bash

COPY . .

RUN npm install

CMD bash

Thanks for any tips.