ELIA5: Creating a website with "Hello, Docker!" from python container

Howdy, a newb here. My goal is to use the container I created in the manual for python to create a website that simply displays “Hello, Docker!”

I have successfully followed the manual all the way through creating an image, container, configuring CI/CD, and I can even run it on Docker Desktop. However, I am missing the final piece of the puzzle: being able to go to a URL. (There are things on my docker hub but it seems useless.)

Do I even need ECS from here? (I prefer aws in general only due to existing account)
If ECS is even necessary:

Trying to deploy to ECS has been a pain, I got as far as creating an AWS context, I can run docker context ls and see the ‘myecscontext* (us-east2)’.

I run docker compose up and it executes but doesn’t return anything (might be normal). My yml file is named “docker-compose.dev.yml” as the manual instructed… so instead of docker compose --file mycomposefile.yaml up I tried docker compose --file docker-compose.dev.yml up but received:

WARNING services.scale: unsupported attribute
WARNING services.build: unsupported attribute
service web doesn’t define a Docker image to run: incompatible attribute

docker compose ps

yields nothing.

Any and all advice or knowledge would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

Do you really need to deploy your app to the cloud when it looks like it is your first container? I would try it locally first, but this is just a suggestion.

We could say the same :slight_smile: Please, share your compose files, because the error message indicates that you use “scale” and “build” in the wrong place. I think scale is not even supported in Docker Compose without Docker Swarm, but I am not sure. You can also see that it is deprecated:

The third error message is clear too. You need to define a docker image or a build context with a Dockerfile. Since the build options was not used correctly, I guess the service doesn’t have anything.

And finally, the link you shared points to a page which is for a continuous intergarion pipeline. Do you really have a pipeline already when you don’t even know how to run a docker compose project yet?