Emulator is not getting recognized by the appium server running on docker container

I am running appium server on docker container . I had created the container using the below mentioned docker image by installing the docker desktop app in my local machine

Link for docker image of appium android=> Docker

I am facing the issue that my emulator running on my local machine is not getting recognized through adb devices. So when i am running my script . I am getting the issue as no connected device have been detected.

Docker Desktop is a virtual machine plus a GUI. You can’t mount devices from the host if that is the goal. If you have a Linux host, install Docker CE. Use Docker Desktop when you need the features it provides, but there are some things you can’t do with it. And this is probably one example.

I had installed Docker CE in wsl2 in my windows machine . I am running appium server in docker container . So can you please guide how can i connect my appium server running as docker container with the emulator running in windows created using Android studio

I have no experience in Android studio. I don’t know what the requirements are, that is why I wrote conditionally: “if that is the goal”. On a normal Linux OS the commands in the image description should work. WSL2 is another story. It is a virtual machine and each WSL2 distribution is a container. WSL2 supports some hardwares like GPU (that is why Docker Desktop can support nvidia gpus), but if you know what you need, you will need to find out how you can make it available in a WSL2 distribution. I use macOS most of the time.