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Enable chrome GUI inside container

Hi ,
I am planning to set up a release pipeline in docker containers.
So initially i will deploy my web application in docker container and make it up and that is already done.
Second I want to set up container that will run UI automation test cases for the previous deployment. . To do this we have to enable chrome UI browser inside windows container , I am unable to do this. I installed chrome inside container and when i try to start my test cases the chrome windows fails to open inside container. Can anyone help me on this or is there another way to achieve the UI Automation in win containers.

NB: We already have setup inside windows container which contains selenium profile and chrome driver.

there is no way to see the gui in windows docker until now

Hey dockerforguoc,

any change in the status of this ?

  • Krishna

Hi , I’m trying to create windows selenium image with chromedriver , maybe you can share yours? it will help me a lot

I went for browserless mode . running browser in background. so you dont require gui

maybe you can share your dockerfile with me ?