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Enable Linux containers on Windows

(Anthonymastrean) #1

I was reading about this new Linux containers on Windows feature.

I thought the requirements were

  • Windows 10 with the Fall Creators Update (1709)

  • Docker for Windows 17.11+ (edge channel w/ experimental features enabled)

But, I don’t see the feature checkbox!

What am I missing?

(I’ll have to post my “evidence” screenshots in a comment, because “new users” are only allowed one image in a post.)

(Anthonymastrean) #2

My Windows 10 version:


(Anthonymastrean) #3

And my Docker for Windows info

(Gschroettner) #4

Have you installed Hyper-V?

(Anthonymastrean) #5

Of course. I’ve been using Docker for Windows successfully up to this point.

(Burntoc) #6

I just logged in here for my first time to ask the same question. I’m in EXACTLY the same boat you are. Hope we get an answer soon.

(Gschroettner) #7

Switch to Windows Containers and use the --platform option.

Try docker run --rm --platform linux alpine ls

(Burntoc) #8

That pulled and ran alpine, as I didn’t have it locally, but it made no difference. I still don’t have that option in Docker, even after a restart.

(Anthonymastrean) #9

That option is for running containers based on Windows images… are you just guessing? The request here is clearly to run containers based on Linux images.

(Gschroettner) #10

Clearly alpine is a Linux based image and you can run it win Windows Container mode. If that is not what you are looking for, I misunderstood your request.

There is no option for LCOW any more, it is build in and you don’t have to activate it any. I get the following screen when switching to Windows containers:

(Anthonymastrean) #11

What version are you running? I didn’t realize LCOW was already merged into a stable (or edge?) version!

(Faizan170) #12

I have the same issue. When i try to switch to linux container it shows that windows version is not compatible. But for windows containers it works good

(Hoegholm) #13

Is there a way to have this set so you don’t have to type it for every pull and so that Kitematic works using LCOW?

(Anupam0101) #14

If you are using docker for windows like I am on Windows 10.
It gives you the option