Error: Failed to create Switch "DockerNAT

I reinstalled Docker for windows and get this error:
Error: Failed to create Switch “DockerNAT”: Instance MSFT_NetIPAddress already exists

Then i tried to remove it via powershell with Remove-NetNat.

  • Remove-NetNat
  •   + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (MSFT_NetNat (InstanceID = "DockerNAT;0"):root/StandardCimv2/MSFT_NetN
     at) [Remove-NetNat], CimException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Windows System Error 50,Remove-NetNat

In the mmc the virtual switch is not visible.
I also tried to Remove HyperV but the Switch still exists after reinstalling Hyper-V.

Hi @dominicboettger

we had a number of users reporting similar issues and hopefully have fixed most of them in the just released Beta10. Could you try again after the update?


I tried again with the latest beta and its now starting up but i don’t have a network connection in the container anymore.