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Error in docker compose

Hello guys!
I’m facing a problem with docker compose!
When I run the command: docker-compose --version, I receive the following error:

Error loading Python lib ‘/tmp/_MEIBsps4P/’: dlopen: can not open shared object file: No such file or directory

Can someone help me?

Seems like python3 is not properly installed.
How did you install docker-compose and on which linux distribution?

My distribution is Fedora 30! I have python3 installed!

I installed the docker compose this way:

sudo curl -L -s-uname -m -o / usr / local / bin / docker-compose

Then I applied the permissions:

sudo chmod + x / usr / local / bin / docker-compose

That’s what I thought. You are missing required python3 dependencies.

I can think of at least two approaches to tackle the problem of missing dependencies:
– use python3’s pip to install docker-compose: python3-pip install docker-compose
– install the os package from the fedora upstream repo using sudo dnf -y install docker-compose, then update to the latest version with the commands your used before.

Thanks for your help!
According to its instructions, the docker compose is working!

:wave:you can try this:
rpm-ostree install docker-compose