Error message when trying to switch to windows container

Same error just starting Docker Desktop V3.5.2. Tried removing all of Docker and installing 3.6. It worked until restart of PC then same error again.

Crash report ID: 49FEEE43-F0CA-4093-A027-352232114658/20210817063436

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During some investigation,

I found few articles mentioned the vEthernet (nat) may not be started automatically after Windows reboot, this phenomenon is similar from my case, the “turn-on of Windows Container” will create the “vEthernet (nat)” and the Windows container does well even I restart Docker several times:

And then, those virtual ethernet card are gone after reboot:

I don’t know if this is correct direction, I even compared the Windows Registry, the major difference after turning on the Windows container is some ethernet settings.


Set up a NAT network | Microsoft Docs
如何修復 Docker Desktop for Windows 各種奇怪的網路問題 | The Will Will Web

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I’m having the same issue where I’m not able to switch to windows containers.

  1. Re-installing Docker for Windows desktop (did not resolve the issue)
  2. Disabling Hyper-V and re-enabling it (including restart after disable and a restart after re-enable). Also did not resolve the issue.

I’ve uploaded a crash report, here’s the diag ID; 7DBE08D5-60BA-4D90-B924-9B84C2AF76CF/20210817111122

Hoping for a quick solution :slight_smile:

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There is a solution available in this github issue; Crash while switching from Linux to Windows containers · Issue #11899 · docker/for-win · GitHub

In short;

  1. Go to C:\ProgramData\Docker
  2. Right click on panic.txt → Properties
  3. Uncheck ‘Read-Only’

Thank you very much for this solution. Yes, it worked for me. I unchecked the ‘Read-Only’ on the panic.txt file and then did the switch to windows containers, and it switched successfully.

Thanks @tomasslaman , you really saved my day. And finally, I can go sleep well XD

@tomasslaman thank you for the tip when there was no other possible solution.
I had panic.log in my local instead of panic.txt

Thank you @tomasslaman, this has been frustrating me for days.

Out of interest, how did you come across this fix? I have been trawling the net and this thread is the first i have found mentioning it.

I stumbled upon a post after carefully going through all git issues that seemed similar, it was buried a bit more down already with not a lot of traction on the thread. So little bit of luck :wink:


Thank you so much, it was driving me crazy, hope the docker team finds a permenant fix for this.
sorry I ment tomasslaman

Just to say thanks after hours of pulling my hair out I found your post…what a random fix!

Thank you very much. This resolved my issue as well!

Many thank the the suggestion, it works now.

Same again, thankyou.

Thanks. It works now.

Fixed it for me, nice one

I think the problem appears when we update Docker with a non-admin user.
After changing the permissions on the panic file, I had to restart Docker with Admin permissions and it configured everything fine.

Thanks @tomasslaman This saved my day

In version 4.3.2, My problem is resolved with your solution

very thanks

When I saw your reply I though that you are joking or something… Thanks a lot saved my day