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Error: No Such Host comes on command docker-compose up or docker pull

Hi all,
I am trying to pull the image using docker pull command. Everytime this command gives a single output which is as below.

predoole@predoole-Super-Server:~/Desktop/qib$ docker pull Pulling from nlu
0bd44ff9c2cf: Downloading [=====> ] 5.044MB/45.32MB
047670ddbd2a: Download complete
ea7d5dc89438: Download complete
ae7ad5906a75: Download complete
0f2ddfdfc7d1: Downloading [=> ] 5.387MB/213.2MB
d055f4d7ae62: Downloading
c501289d05b9: Waiting
211aaca0a156: Waiting
a2d4f20d1579: Waiting
d122732208ab: Waiting
d1dbca3b158c: Waiting
209d2fc76cfe: Waiting
47a53af17c76: Waiting
846f2b0f8066: Waiting
60c81146b767: Waiting
b81ae1a35545: Waiting
aa2e7644f26a: Waiting
20f0dfe48e72: Waiting
1e42cde5104c: Waiting
3d9d90792f51: Waiting
8943b3da0bec: Waiting
5d6b55b179b7: Waiting
4cfe74aa5331: Waiting
bd4b06dc674e: Waiting
dfa2ac51d629: Waiting
c2e3d4d92b30: Waiting
5290b7f65d31: Waiting
dial tcp: lookup no such host

Can anyone please help me that how to solve this issue?