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Error response from daemon: Container command 'sh' could not be invoked


(Jef Statham) #1

After moving the docker image directory to a new disk I cannot run any images. I can still pull images but I get the following error trying to run sh from the images.

Followed the steps to use options How do I change the Docker image installation directory?
Then tried the symlink without success. I’ve removed all my containers and image and pull the fresh but I still cannot run any images.

(Dvohra) #2

What are the settings for ENTRYPOINT and CMD instructions in Dockerfile? Also, is executable. Set permissions to 755.

(Jef Statham) #3

Thank for the reply. Fixed now the problem was that the drive mounted by fstab configuration was not executable.

(Alexandroscgb) #4

Hi. I’m new to Docker, and I’m getting permission denied trying to run a mariadb container. They say about 755 on but I simply cannot find that file, anywhere.

Any help?


(Jef Statham) #5 in that reply is a file added to the dockerfile to create an image. It’s not relevant to your mariadb issue I’m assuming.