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Error response from daemon: pull access denied for 3813b5241687, repository does not exist or may require 'docker login'

When I execute the command “docker run test2” or any other command I get that error.
Please your support

What are you trying to do??

Have you built an image that has the name test2? If not, then the docker run command can’t find it locally an tries to find in in the central docker hub ( A docker repository image is named on the pattern /. If it is an official image, like the mysql image, there is no (well, there is but it is hidden) part of the repository name. So your run command tries to get the official image with the name test2. There might or might not be such an image and you might have to be logged in to the Docker Repository to pull it.

In this case, I can tell you that there is no such official image named test2 so the “repository does not exist” is the key here.

Hi NemesisLuna,

I assume you are following a docker tutorial or guide and i assume you are trying to run commands on the docker after you restarted your pc?
If so then rightclicking the whale and pressing restart should do the trick.
I had similar issues with the daemon not reacting to docker run commands where i want to run a image that clearly exists after starting up my pc. Restarting usually fixed the Issue.

@julianhamm85 i dont belive this is the case, this is clearly some misunderstandment since there is a container running with the name test2, and probably any images with that name locally.

But as @ovelindstrom stated, we need to figure how what we are trying to accomplish :slight_smile:


check docker images command

this will list all the images with the name test2 if not then it will try to pull this from docker hub with this name.



as ovelindstrom he mentioned there is no image available with this name test2. if your intention is to run “mariadb” then follow the below command

docker run mariadb


Add docker run -p port:port test2

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