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Error: unrecognized argument: -v

After running this command:

docker run -d --name elastalert --restart=always -v $(pwd)/elastalert.yaml:/opt/elastalert/config.yaml -v $(pwd)/elastalert_rules:/opt/elastalert/rules --verbose -v $(pwd)/smtp_auth_user.yaml:/opt/elastalert/smtp_auth_user.yaml

I am getting this error in the docker logs:

elastalert: error: unrecognized arguments: -v /etc/elastalert/smtp_auth_user.yaml:/opt/elastalert/smtp_auth_user.yaml

The command was working fine before I added the

-v $(pwd)/smtp_auth_user.yaml:/opt/elastalert/smtp_auth_user.yaml

to my docker run command. Can anyone help?

Every argument after the image name is treated as argument for the entrypoint script (or in the absence of an entrypoint script as command).

Thus said, these arguments are processed inside the container:

But $(pwd) will be interpolated on the host. Are you sure the current host path is correct from inside the container as well?

I am certain the current host path is correct. For example, the elastalert.yaml
is in the same location as the smtp_auth_user.yaml but is not giving an error.

Also moving the --verbose argument does not fix the issue.

Is --verbose or -v ... even a valid parameter for the image!

The -v parameter at the end looks like a docker parameter and Is more likely supposed to be used as container parameter? If so, then it needs to be before the image name.

Because that is a volume mount and as @meyay wrote

So you must use this volume mount before the image name exactly as you did with the other volume mounts:

-v $(pwd)/elastalert.yaml:/opt/elastalert/config.yaml -v $(pwd)/elastalert_rules:/opt/elastalert/rules

There was nothing wrong with that argument probably. I recommend using a different syntax for your long commands to understand it more:

docker run -d --name elastalert --restart=always \
  -v $(pwd)/elastalert.yaml:/opt/elastalert/config.yaml \
  -v $(pwd)/elastalert_rules:/opt/elastalert/rules \
  -v $(pwd)/smtp_auth_user.yaml:/opt/elastalert/smtp_auth_user.yaml \ --verbose 

Now you can see where the volume mounts are and where the container commands start
The above syntax is for Linux and MacOS.

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