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Error while running container

Sorry, I amm not sure I understand what you want to say here.

If the script you shared now is the, why it contains the following?

It tries to execute It could be an other file with the same name if the script changed the directory before that line.

This is another option to execute script ( in silent mode, here for time being it can be ignored.

Hi, Is it mandatory to use base image for building image through Dockerfile? if yes, how to proceed for any app containerization whose base image is not found under docker hub?

You can use any base image from any registry and push to any registry if you want. You could create an image from scratch (FROM scratch) which means you need to create the entire filesystem and copy into the image.

You could also install interactively and commit the container to an image but that is a bad practice:

docker container commit $container_name $image_name

Use that only if you are yure sou don’t have any other option. I have never done that except to demonstrate how that command works.

Hi Team,

I am trying to build and run container, build is ok but while running container I m getting exception, below is details.
FROM centos:centos7.9.2009
RUN yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk \ net-tools which \ && yum clean all
RUN mkdir /vxi
COPY vxi_1091 /vxi
CMD /vxi_1091/bin/

build o/p
[root@imi-hyd-rnd1 docker]# docker build -t vxi .
Sending build context to Docker daemon 87.73MB
Step 1/6 : FROM centos:centos7.9.2009
—> eeb6ee3f44bd
Step 2/6 : RUN yum -y install java-1.8.0-openjdk \ net-tools which \ && yum clean all
—> Using cache
—> daab11a97cca
Step 3/6 : RUN mkdir /vxi
—> Using cache
—> 41f32cba0657
Step 4/6 : WORKDIR /vxi
—> Using cache
—> b2aba0e1ac69
Step 5/6 : COPY vxi_1091 /vxi
—> Using cache
—> b015ea8589cd
Step 6/6 : CMD /vxi_1091/bin/
—> Running in b56215edb1f9
Removing intermediate container b56215edb1f9
—> f5409f5d35e3
Successfully built f5409f5d35e3
Successfully tagged vxi:latest
running container
[root@imi-hyd-rnd1 docker]# docker run -it vxi
/bin/sh: /vxi_1091/bin/ No such file or directory