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Ethernet and Wireless networks on Mac

I have a Mac mini running docker desktop. The Mac mini has an ethernet network for access to the lan and internet. I also have a wireless connection to a lithium batter bank BMS which provides HTTP access to individual cell voltages, bank voltage, etc. My Mac mini can see both the lan and the Wireless BMS network. However, my node red docker container as well as other containers can only see the LAN. All of my containers are configured with bridge networking therefore have their own private IP address.

I did attempt to configure my node red container with HOST networking but that resulting in the container attaching to localhost and not being accessible from even the Mac mini host.

My question … is it possible to added an additional network to the container to allow it to see my VMS wireless network? I’m horrible to bridge configuration, routing tables etc. My wireless BMS IP is (the BMS creates an adhoc network … only option).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Kirk