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Execute sh script during startup

(Jvlavl) #1

Hello all,

I’m complete new to docker and trying to make my first image.

the script is installing and copying files to the needed locations and finishes correctly.
But when I launch it i get the following error:

standard_init_linux.go:195: exec user process caused “exec format error”

When I remark the CMD command and launch the container its running and I can launch the command without any problem.

I think the issue is in my but I can’t find a solution.

this is what i have in my
/opt/dbforbix/ start

can any one assist?



(Sam) #2

what does your cmd= look like?

(Jvlavl) #3

Hi Sam,

my cmd look like this

CMD ["./"]



(Think) #4

this CMD just could work, if the entrypoint is “sh” or another shell.

If you need additional help, I guess, you need to publish your whole Dockerfile.