Experiencing performance slowdowns with Docker on Windows OS

I’ve encountered performance slowdowns while using Docker on the Windows operating system. Specifically, I’m working on Silverstripe projects and have noticed that the loading times are longer than expected. I’m seeking advice, insights, and potential solutions from the Docker community on how to optimize Docker’s performance in this context. Additionally, if anyone has experience with optimizing Silverstripe projects within a Docker environment, I’d greatly appreciate any tips or best practices to improve the overall loading speed of these projects.

This usually happens when users map folders from the Windows Host into the container.

Depending on the IDE you use, there are different approaches possible:

  • VSCode has a WSL (remoting) extension that allows to work inside a WSL distribution and only uses the Windows Host to render the UI. As a result you would work in a native Linux environment
  • Install docker-ce and your IDE in a WSL distribution. Recent WSL version will render the IDE UI on the Windows host.

Personally, I work with Intellij and prefer the 2nd approach, as their remoting solution is inferior to the VCSode WSL extension.

This subject was discussed plenty of times in the forum. Have you tried the forum search?