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Exposed port can't see from other host

Windows vpn client
PFsense firewall public ip/
<> VM - Docker image exposing port 9083 which I can see from the localhost VM - I cannot access

but… on my Windows VPN client, I can access

not sure what I’m missing here… here is my command:

docker run --hostname=quickstart.cloudera --privileged=true -t -i -d --publish-all=true -p8888:8888 -p8088:8088 -p
:9083 /usr/bin/docker-quickstart (I know publish-all will expose all of the ports, I’ve tried 20 variations… :slight_smile: )

Thanks for any help.

I’ll answer my own question. It seems there was an issue with the underlying Docker network of 172.17.0.x so I created a new one:
docker network create -d bridge --subnet= cloudera
then added that network to my start script:
docker run --hostname=quickstart.cloudera –net=cloudera --privileged=true -t -i -d --publish-all=true -p8888:8888 -p8088:8088
-p 9083:9083 /usr/bin/docker-quickstart

and bam, it’s all working now.