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External access to docker containers

(Silverbullettruck2001) #1

I have 4 applications setup in docker containers. I have published their ports and the applications are accessible from within my network. However, if I try to get to them from outside my network they won’t work. For example. If one of my containers has an internal port of 8000, and I publish it so that external host port 7000 maps to the internal container port of 8000 and the host has an IP of, I can navigate to and it will pull up the website just fine. I have a firewall setup and that firewall is configured to have my public IP, port forward port 8282 to port If my public IP is, I am not able to go to and successfully get to the web server. I have other non-container devices that have no problem with the exact same port forwarding rules, so I do not believe it is a firewall issue, unless it is something specific to the docker networking. Is there anything I need to do specifically to be able to access a container through a firewall like this? I have checked my host’s firewall and there shouldn’t be anything blocking it. If there is any additional information needed to assist in resolving this, please let me know.



(Silverbullettruck2001) #2

Is anyone able to assist?

(Metin Y.) #3

Assuming your container is running in a bridged network and you mapped a container port to a host port, that host port is not any different than a port bound to an application on the host.

If you are able to access your container thru accessing host-ip:port in your local LAN, a portforwarding rule will result in the very same for WAN accesses. Docker is not your problem :wink: