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Failed authentication to ECR after upgrade to 19.03

I’m running a bunch of servers that automatically connect to AWS ECR to pull new images (using watchtower).
To make sure that the servers always have a valid token when requesting the repository, I’ve set up a cronjob that every 6 hour renews the token with this command:
$(aws ecr get-login --no-include-email --region eu-central-1 --registry-ids 121212121212)

After upgrading some servers to Docker version 19.03.6-ce it suddenly fails to renew token. While other servers with Docker version 18.09.9-ce is unaffected and operates normally.

If I run the authentication command manually, it authenticates successfully.

I’ve searched and performed troubleshooting for days, but cannot get my head around this problem.
Has anyone had a similar experience, or have I missed any important changes in docker 19.03?

I’m using aws-cli v. 1.16 on all servers.