"Failed to import docker-py for docker_container module"

Hi, does anyone run into the same problems with Ansible & Docker? I am not getting answers from either Ansible, or Docker gihub issues. There are Open issues for same, Ansible for 2 years, Docker for a Year, where people ar stuggling with this.

Here is my Ansible new issue, which ansible asked me to do when I commented on another isse - many people have the same problem. https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/34851 - ths one got promptly closed, referring me to

This is not a problem with ansible, but instead a potential problem with upstream docker-py/docker.

ON docker, this open issue, for a year, has many suggestions. https://github.com/docker/docker-py/issues/1353

I summarised and tried them all, man others a having same problems. this issue is caused, it seams, by clashing programmes since an upgrade a year+ ago, many many people have same issue - do a google search.

I am at wits-end on this, it get passed between ansible and docker, where do I go from here?