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Failed to register layer: open

(Apts) #1

Having a few issues with a docker pull, I’m receiving the following error:

$ sudo docker pull timmo001/home-panel
Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from timmo001/home-panel
8e3ba11ec2a2: Already exists 
0b61a1234acf: Already exists 
29bc045e75b5: Already exists 
eb9366b1b1f4: Already exists 
757d57de489c: Already exists 
c9566764d072: Already exists 
7507716223c7: Extracting  3.216MB/3.216MB
failed to register layer: open /volume1/@docker/aufs/layers/df4d9c986ac69d3274a9713f16cc5fb8b0aa70f63fefac4863ca5f3640efa375: no such file or directory.

I’ve done a system prune and done some research and it seems to be a layer issue but I can’t seem to fix the issue. Help welcomed.

(P.S. I was advised at one stage to re-install docker but on the UI on my Synology DiskStation it mentions all data will be removed. Can anyone confirm this is the case (or would it indeed help).