Failed to unmount IPC:

As soon as I try to start my container it loads for a short time and then it is offline again and in “systemctl status docker” the error occurs:

Dec 19 15:35:13 host04 dockerd[2250]: time="2019-12-19T15:35:13.603264255+01:00" level=info msg="ignoring event" module=libcontainerd namespace=moby topic=/tasks/delete type="*events.TaskDelete" 

Dec 19 15:35:16 host04 dockerd[2250]: time="2019-12-19T15:35:16.017106944+01:00"  level=warning msg="d8e20587be8ebd97662cf8cc3479c803d080d2c68b5d3253f2f7393b24b1a1b2 cleanup: failed to unmount IPC: umount /var/lib/docker/containers/d8e20587be8ebd97662cf8cc3479c803d080d2c68b5d3253f2f7393b24b1a1b2/mounts/shm, flags: 0x2: no such file or directory"

The folder/file really doesn’t exist!

The server runs on Debian 9 in an LXC virtualization from Proxmox.

For a while I could start and stop it without problems.

My image is a Debian image from Docker-Hub, which I modify -> start an SSH server

Thanks for the help.