Fedora 26 repo is empty! Can't install Docker via repository

Hello fellow Whales,

I am setting up Docker on a machine running Fedora 26, but I’m surprised the repository is completely empty!

The docs point out the Fedora repository file to setup where the latest Docker packages should be found, but when trying to install Docker there are no docker-ce packages.
There’s only the dockerpackage from the fedora repository but that is too old (docker-1.13.1-19.git27e468e.fc26.src.rpm).

I also have noticed that the OS requirements in the docs are Fedora 24 or 25, no 26 mentioned!

I was wondering why there haven’t been a build for Fedora 26?

Hello everyone,

Just to add that I was wondering the same. I wanted to upgrade my laptop to Fedora 26 today, but when checking which repos had or hadn’t their corresponding F26 packages, I saw Docker didn’t. And I just can’t upgrade without it!


After further research, I’ve found out that Fedora 26 was released after the release of Docker 17.06.0-ce, so there have been no build for it at the time, which is the reason why the repo is still empty!

I think they should have scheduled a particular build for it though!
However, 17.07.0-ce will be in the repos as soon as it goes GA.


What I did is make a temporary repository pointing to Fedora 25’s docker-ce-stable repository instead, until there’s an official build for 26.

# add the repo
cat > /etc/yum.repos.d/docker-ce-tmp.repo << EOF
name=Docker CE Stable (TEMP) - $basearch

# update cache
dnf makecache

# list the packages in the repo
dnf list available --repo=docker-ce-tmp

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