Fedora core 15 docker base image

Hi All,

I’m new to docker and want to create a Docker base image of Fedora core 15 machine.
can someone help me out how can i accomplish this or if someone already has done this and can direct to the image

Any help is much appreciated


I’d start by going to https://hub.docker.com/ and typing “fedora” into the search box. There are official prebuilt images of many (newer) versions of Fedora.

(From watching some other forum posts, I’d say that “I want to create a totally new image of $DISTRIBUTION” is actually a pretty hard way to start learning Docker. Start from a prebuilt distribution image, like fedora:24 or ubuntu:16.04, and install a basic Web application on top of it.)

Hi dmaze,

i might have asked it wrongly but i have created docker images using new images on the docker hub but now i want to create for fedora 15.

I checked the docker hub and nothing for fedora 15 base image. do you know how can i create a base image of a fedora machine.



Nothing is especially stopping you, to be sure, beyond the lack of a prebuilt image. But it’s been end-of-lifed for 4 years, and since Docker container base distributions (if any) are independent of each other and the host distribution, usually people tend to use more modern distributions.

If you’re trying to do something with proprietary software that just only works on 5-year-old Red Hat-like distros, you might try centos:centos6.

The short version is, start FROM scratch, ADD a tar file of the file system image, and then RUN whatever post-installation steps you need.

GitHub - fedora-cloud/docker-brew-fedora might be interesting to you, which I found from the metadata of the official fedora images at https://github.com/docker-library/official-images/blob/master/library/fedora

Thanks for your suggestions David.