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First docker build, almost there

I’ve been trying to build a docker image for sSMTP (because I need it and as a learning exercise). I think I am almost there. It builds (docker-compose build) and I can run it (docker-compose up -d) and bash into it. I am now testing the ability to send emails and can run the command line mail program and it seems to work but does not send the email. Thing is ime not getting any log files. Either on the console (if I don’t run as daemon) and can’t find any when I bash in.

I think this may be because it sends messages to syslog and docker seems to do something strange with syslog. Did some googling and came across the syslog driver but it makes my head spin.

Whats the simplest way of geting access to syslog?

OK, worked out, at least first bit.

I had to have rsyslog installed, still cant send email but will open another thread for this.