Flakiness logging in dockerhub

With the correct username pwd, I encountered “wrong pwd” error msg when trying to log into Dockerhub. With the same username & pwd, it could go through after several mins wait. I have encountered the issue several times, is that flakiness or there are some type of rate limiting on that?

Ther eis no intentional rate limiting for logging in but there could be issues sometimes. I haven’t noticed it recently since I’m almost always already logged in some Docker relate sites so usually I just click on “Sign in” and I’m in. If you often experience this issue, you could try to log in from different machines like from a friend’s machine or try to log in using VPN if you have one or you can also open an issue in the hub feedback

Some days ago on October 30th I got notifications HTTP 503 status codes on Docker Hub but that was fixed by the time you wrote your question.