Floating IP for a Swarm cluster [SOLVED]

Hi everyone.

So my team really wants to use Docker Swarm in our environment but one problem is currently blocking us from doing so. I tried to search online for quite a while but with no success. We want to prevent a single point of failure on our Swarm cluster, while having one floating IP for the cluster that will simply point to one of the managers randomly or something. Of course I can use something like HA Proxy but then once again we have a single point of failure on the load balancer, and installing clusters ON a Swarm cluster sounds kinda stupid, and I’m having a hard time believing that there is not better solution.

So, is there any known/built in solution for this? Can there be one IP to for the cluster that can be installed with ease and with efficiency without adding more servers to the setup?



To anyone that might look into it in the future, I managed to get a solution using Keepalive, a linux package that allows for floating ip between linux servers. No HAProxy or anything like that is needed. Very easy to set up and gets the job done.

Can you use DNS round robin?

I’m afraid that’s not a possibility. Either way I’d already prefer to go for HA Proxy with heartbeat or something rather than DNS round robin. What I’m asking here is if there is any known/standard solution to this, as many other clusters do allow it.

I’m curious, what other cluster supports this notion?