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Fluentd container as non root user


(Cyashvant) #1

In “Docker root directory”, docker daemon creates containers folder (containers) but this folder only root permission to rwx, and inside containers folder log file has ready permission for root user and root group.

But fluentd container is running as non root user and it don’t have read permission on "/Docker root directory/docker/containser/XXXX/*.log file

below is ll command output on containers folder
-rw-r----- 1 root root 1382743 Aug 17 01:31 f754bb79e8cd120591ac70c465f33e84321021ccdbe4d9035a49dfc05acac86f-json.log

Is there anyway to give read permission to non root user on containers log file?

(Willcu) #2

Any progress? I have met same issue.

BTW, I tried change log-driver of docker to fluentd, that works.