Folder is not writable by user abc

I have a network folder from my synology nas mounted to my pc as a drive letter, drive P: via smb. I have full access on my pc and can read/write without issues. When I try to add that P: drive as a volume in docker I get the error “folder is not writable by user abc”.

I have the puid & pgid set as 1000 and I have also tried setting as 0 but nothing seems to work. What am I missing here? I have full access in my computer but docker cannot do anything with that drive.

Have you checked the uid and gid of the user on your Syno? Connect via ssh and either execute id or sudo id {your user name} to get the uid and gid for you user.

On Synology, manually created users start with uid 1026 and above. The gid for the user group is 100.

I missed that it’s Docker Desktop for Windows. I am not sure if the correct uid:gid is even relevant here and will be even propagated to Windows.