Force the election of the leader on a specific manager node


I use docker 1.13.1 and a cluster docker swarm in production (2 node manager and 2 node work). I would like to upgrade to docker 17.03 on all nodes. After preprod testing, the upgrade works very well on the workers and on the Reachable manager. But it’s the disaster if I do the operation on the manager Leader. Because all the services on all the cluster are restarting, and it’s doing a down of service …

To solve my problem, is there a way to force the election of the Leader on a specific manager node ?

Thank you for your help


Perhaps it helps if you do docker node demote NODE before upgrading.

Thanks of lot for your response. I will test it tuesday.

I realised this is 6months old, but if anyone else comes across this, you need at least 3 managers to maintain quorum if one fails.

This is documented by Docker