Forum bugs when using an iPad

I’m not sure what the forum software this is, but other forums I visit use something similar. One problem I’m having is the layout of the editing form.

You can see the text area is small, and the bottom of the screen has a large useless header. I assume this is a bug.

The next problem is uploading photos. When I click the upload button, this is what I see:

When I minimize the window (red circle) I see this the upload window behind the editor.

I can select a photo and it shows up as a thumbnail in the upload window, but when I click upload nothing happens.

Anyone else having similar issues? It’s kind of frustrating to compose a message.

Yes, This issue frustrating me since a very long time. And Unfortunately I didn’t receive any good answer yet to resolve it.
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If anybody know please let us know.
Thanks for Helping in advance.

What is your exact issue and where did you report it before? There are still some issues regarding the design, but I could not reproduce the issue with uploading on my iPad.

What I noticed is that when my iPad is in landscape mode, the keyboard covers the form and I don’t see what I am writing. When I enable “floating keyboard”, the form looks normal.