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From docker container unalbe to ping devices from secondary network adapter

Hi everyone,

Here is my setup:

  • OS: Windows 10 ver 2004
  • Docker Version: (45519)
  • Running Under wsl2


  • I have two network adapters in my host pc.
  • one connected to the internet (let’s call it home network) and another one for the local private network( let call it as work network ).
  • when I created a docker container, I am able to ping devices in my home network from my container, but not able to ping devices from a work network.
  • Home network has a wifi router with all DHCP configuration but work network is a just switch with all static IP Address.
  • I have a python application that should gather data from the work network and publish that data through the home network.

I have no idea how to communicate my work network devices from the docker container.

Home network IP series is 192.168.1.x
Work network IP series is 10.29.70.x

Thanks for your help.