FYI Windows 10 / Server 2016 KB5021235 Dec 2022 Cumulative Update deletes Docker Containers!

I run docker as well as several containers on my Windows Server 2016 machine. Recently I received a notification that my containers were down via a health check I have in place. Upon investigation, when I went to list the containers via the docker container ls powershell command there was nothing listed! Somehow all of the containers and data I had set up within the MobyLinuxVM.vhdx had vanished! Thankfully I had a backup of the MobyLinux disk image and was able to restore however I reproduced this on another machine pinpointing the KB5021235 update as the root cause.

More details here: KB5021235 breaks Docker and Data / Containers are LOST / DELETED with 2022-12 Cumulative Update on Windows Server 2016!!! - Microsoft Q&A