General queries related to the docker 1.13 new offering - "docker plugin"


I am newbee and I have few queries related to the docker 1.13 new offering - “docker plugin” CLI.

Few of them are:
A) Is it mandatory to move volume plugin to “docker plugin” framework?
We have created the volume plugin specific to our storage driver using go-plugins-helpers.
Not sure about how moving to docker plugin framework will help us.

B) Is the “docker plugin” CLI future for docker?
Will the earlier way of using the docker volume will get deprecated

C) Playing around with docker plugin I was not able to understand:
a) Logs:
In the implementation, I could see docker-volume-sshfs capturing logs. But not sure about how it prints. i.e what command should I use to find the logs for plugin
docker logs doesn’t seem to work in this environment and even docker plugin man page doesn’t states about log
b)docker plugin create and then docker plugin enable are only commands to start the plugin?
Earlier I used to start my plugin with “docker run” command

I am not sure if this is the right forum to discuss, sorry for the inconvenience if caused any.


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Also interested in answers to this question. A relative noob to Go and building this sruff, trying to understand how to build using the new plugin setup seems a steep learning curve. Is there any easy way to import a plugin from a local image for testing, or are you required to push to Docker Hub?


Currently, I am downloading the source from github. And then building the plugin using for the Makefile. You could do the same and then test the plugin.


Do you know guys any plugin which will log network connections coming from container? I’m looking for something like this. And I’m thinking is it hard to write it up? I’m not experienced with docker that much