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Getting "mounts denied" on previously working container after upgrading to v1.12.0-beta18-3-gec40b14

After upgrading to v1.12.0-beta18-3-gec40b14 this morning, a previously working container suddenly started failing as follows:

docker: Error response from daemon: Mounts denied: 
The path /var/folders/f5/t48vxz555b51mr3g6jjhxv400000gq/T/tmp.DkXBAOUx
is not shared from OS X and does not belong to the system.
You can configure shared paths from Docker -> Preferences...
[exit code: 125]

Before I go futzing with the shared path preferences, I want to make sure nothing else is broken here since this used to work fine until this latest update.

If I look in the “File sharing” pane under Preferences, I see the following paths:


I’ve never edited these settings. Should /var be in there? Did the defaults for these paths change recently?


Docker for Mac: version: mac-v1.12.0-beta18-3-gec40b14
OS X: version 10.11.5 (build: 15F34)
logs: /tmp/20160706-111308.tar.gz
[OK]     docker-cli
[OK]     app
[OK]     menubar
[OK]     virtualization
[OK]     system
[OK]     osxfs
[OK]     db
[OK]     slirp
[OK]     moby-console
[OK]     logs
[OK]     vmnetd
[OK]     env
[OK]     moby
[OK]     driver.amd64-linux

Diagnostic ID: DB7EC1EE-7CB3-45AC-A40F-A7ACFAFA88F0

Steps to reproduce the behavior

I don’t have a simple repro for this now, but if the issue is not easy to find from this limited description I can definitely try to cook a minimal repro up.

Hi Nicholas,

Could you share the docker run invocation that you are using?

/var is not intended to be shared and typically cannot be shared as-is due to collision with /var in the Docker for Mac Linux VM. Subdirectories of /var could possibly be shared. /var/folders/f5/... looks like a specially created system directory. Are you using some tool that wraps docker like docker-compose?

Thanks for participating in the Docker for Mac Beta!


Here’s the docker run invocation that’s resulting in the error I reported:

docker run \
  -t \
  --rm \
  -v /var/folders/f5/t48vxz555b51mr3g6jjhxv400000gq/T/tmp.567srJ24:/setperms.sql mmds/vsql \
  [vsql parameters snipped] \
  -a -e -f /setperms.sql

The ugly /var path is being generated by an earlier call to mktemp. And if I understood the run command correctly, it appears that we are sharing a specific subdirectory of /var, so in theory this should be OK, no?

Since the behavior of mktemp on my system probably didn’t change recently, I’m wondering if something about Docker was changed in a recent release that made this suddenly stop working.

Hi Nicholas,

Indeed, Beta 18 includes user-configurable OS X export directories rather than the previously-fixed set of /Users, /Volumes, /tmp, and /private. When merging the Linux and OS X file system namespaces, the rule is that non-existent directories that are not under an export path will not be automatically created. I recommend explicitly creating the shared directory path in the VM with something like docker run --rm -v /:/host alpine mkdir -p /host/$PATH before passing it to docker run. We are currently preparing a hotfix for some unrelated issues with Beta 18 but documentation about this new behavior will be online soon.

Could you break down what this command does? I understand the --rm and -v parts, but I’m not sure what the rest is for.

Sure, so this will run the alpine:latest image which is pretty minimal (maybe 2MB download). Inside that container, it will execute mkdir -p to create the given path. If the environment variable $PATH contains the path that you want to bind mount into your other container (and that doesn’t exist and you’d like Docker to create), then this command will run a container that creates that path in the Moby Linux VM rather than on the OS X host.

OK, got it.

I will update our scripts to use this approach and update this thread if I run into any issues. Thank you for your help.

I ended up getting around this issue by adjusting the call to mktemp (which was generating the path under /var) from



mktemp /tmp/XXXXXXXXXX-setperms.sql

That took care of things.

Hey can you explain to me how did you adjust mktemp to use /tmp?
I tried to change $TMPDIR path to /tmp, but whenever I call mktemp it creates in /var/folders…