Getting Started with Windows Containers

Having trouble with some of the early commands the tutorial has me try out.
Example 1: Pull a base image that’s compatible with Windows and do a test-run:
docker pull microsoft/windowsservercore
docker run microsoft/windowsservercore hostname

I wasn’t sure whether the third line is a wordwrap from the previous line, but doesn’t work if you use that as a hostname either. Throws and error.

Example 2: If you run the command below (one line), you’ll get an error.
“FROM microsoft/windowsservercore `n CMD echo Hello World!” | docker build -t mydocker-id/windows-test-image -
…where mydocker-id is replaced with my real dockerid.
Is there something I’m missing? There’s little explanation on the parts of this command, but it too gives me an error. I’ve never seen a command start with something in embedded quotes. It doesn’t work. Throws and error.

What should a noob do to surmount all of this?
Is there anyone writing these tutorials that I can contact?
Kindest regards

Try this